Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Before buying a product, a service or anything it is always good to test it in advance. Having free samples to use are perfect for that purpose. This is what no deposit bonuses are in online casinos – ways to test the website and the games it offers for free. They let you get to know a casino and its game library without risking your own money. There is no better way to do that than playing for free offered from the house.

Some players may have been deceived by scam casinos which have confiscated their winnings. So, nowadays, it is normal to be wary every time you come upon a new gambling hub. Do you want to test the waters without risking your money? The best you can do is take advantage of the free money bonuses. Several years ago they were hard to find, but these days things have changed. No deposit bonuses are a way for online casinos to prove their commitment. They show a desire to establish long-term relationships with new players. Thus, they display the fairness and transparency of their policies.

Although casinos having free spins promo offers are many, operators with no deposit deals are not so easy to find. It’s no secret that everyone loves playing for free. Operators have to get creative to win round new customers. Giving away no deposit bonuses is one of the ways to do that. Compared to traditional bonuses given by online casinos, the no deposit type differs in the amounts. These also have fewer restrictions for withdrawing funds from them.

Here is a list of  No Deposit Bonus Slots

What Are No Deposit Bonuses and How Do They Work?

Some online gaming hubs attach their free cash offers such as ‘£10 No Deposit Bonus’ to free spins. The reason for this is the fact that casinos want to have control over which games the users play. The operators purchase free spins from certain providers. No deposit promotions let you explore the website without spending a dime. This way you can try new games without feeling any obligation or pressure.

Casinos know that when they offer free cash and no deposit bonuses, players tend to make deposits. They do this to explore better and get more familiar with the games and website. This is easier than having to play through a bonus 35 times before being able to cash out from it. This tactic has been applied and used for many years and it works perfectly. In almost all gambling sites you will have the right to cash out your winnings from the free money bonuses. This makes them more and more attractive to new and seasoned players.

Most casinos won’t always attach wagering requirements to these promos. But this is not the case for every promo offer. So, we recommend you check the terms and conditions before claiming a bonus. You might be required to place your wagers within a certain time-frame of signing up.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

As all casino promotions, no deposit bonuses come in all kinds of forms. Their target is usually players who haven’t deposited in the website before. But you will find offers for existing players as well. Below we will take a closer look at the most common no deposit bonuses you can encounter:

Free Cash Bonuses – in the form of small amounts given away as freebies to new customers to play on the house. They are a way for the newbies to explore the casino and test several games for free.

No Deposit Free Spins – the free spins may or may not have wagering requirements attached. They apply to certain games only.

Free Play / Free Spin – These are free spins usually with no roll-over required. You can use them on the appointed games. They are valid for a specific time and have an expiration date.

Cash Backs – This is a gesture from casinos to players who have undergone losses after playing games. The house shows its commitment and goodwill with these giveaways.

As a whole, all players could always use some extra money to play for free. Casinos that offer such will be remembered by users as very generous ones.

Why Do Online Casinos Offer No Deposit Bonuses?

We know that when a brand or a casino gives something away it is always for a reason and may aim to get something in return. This is true but there are occasions when the house has entirely sincere intentions. It offers something which will benefit both sides. This is the case with free play bonuses. When a casino reaches a milestone in its development, an anniversary, for example, it will celebrate it spectacularly.

Usually, gambling houses give their players (especially the regular ones) treats. These are in the form of no deposit bonuses, cash backs, free spins, and more. High rollers and VIP members get the best gift, of course. When VIP members or regular players celebrate their birthday, the house usually gives them presents. This is a way to thank them for their loyalty. These little gestures show players that they are recognised on their special days to keep them happy.

How to Use No Deposit Bonuses

Many no deposit bonuses are given by casinos when you play certain online slot games. These are in the form of free spins or as a player you can receive a small cash amount. There are many ways you can use them. Here we have listed how and why you should take advantage of these offers:

  • Whether in the form of free cash or free spins, it is always a boost of your bankroll which you can use the way you prefer. All you need to do is sign up and the bonus will be credited directly into your account. You can apply it to play online slots. If you get free spins you will have a definite number to use on specific slot games.
  • This is a way to increase your winnings. If you get more money you can buy more spins, if you get free spins you can win more cash. In case Lady Luck smiles on you you may even win a jackpot using the bonus you got. Whatever the situation may be, your winnings will no doubt increment and your bankroll will become larger.
  • Besides more money, you will have the chance to practice the games you like and are interested in. Thus, you get more play experience and more time to have fun with the titles you love. You can try new strategies using these no-risk rounds of entertainment and fun. Although slots are based on luck, this doesn’t exclude the opportunity to test tactics you consider smart on them. At some point you will become expert on the games you play the most.
  • Using the freebies of cash or free spins you can check a casino’s slots and other games you prefer. This is a risk-free way to test them before depositing in your account using your hard-earned money. By previewing the slots and games the hub has to offer, you risk nothing. Thus you can easily decide whether you like the casino and its games or prefer to look for another.
  • The perfect way to try the new games that have been recently added in the casino. Use the free cash or free spins it offers on the selected few. Popular slots are also often in the list with the included titles applicable for the no deposit bonus offer. These allow for both seasoned and new players to benefit.

Advantages and Disadvantages of No Deposit Bonuses

Some of the benefits of using the no deposit bonuses on slot games are:

  • You play them for free and the winnings you get are yours
  • You play using the casino money which adds a certain thrill and you can keep the sums you won
  • You have an hour or more according to the time that the free cash or free spins last before you have to start using your own money

Here is a table with comparison of the pros and cons of deposit bonuses:

The free cash you win using the no deposit bonus money or free spins is yours to keep The maximal withdrawal of the winnings from the no deposit bonuses has limits
Many of these no deposit bonuses may have no wagering requirements attachedWhen there are wagering requirements they are usually high as 50x to 100x rollover
Excellent for exploring the website and learning how it functions. Also perfect for playing games for freeMake sure you always play for fun and don’t get hooked by the fact that they give you free cash to use
Adding a money no deposit promo you can wager larger sums on the spinsThe Free Spins giveaways usually go with low stakes such as 0.10 to 0.01p which make hitting large wins practically impossible
In most cases they let you play for free any game you decide You might be obliged to use the bonus funds and/or free spins on one or several games they chose

More Facts About Casinos That Offer Free Sign-up Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are the sweetest offers in iGaming as you risk nothing and can win some extra cash. Even though, there are still factors you should take into account. Some casinos, for example, may restrict you with the amounts you can win from a no deposit promos. The reason for that is that they can’t afford to lose too much as there are plenty of gamers willing to use these deals. To avoid disappointments read the T&C carefully and until the end to be informed.

Sometimes, online hubs may restrict the bet size of the players to limit their win chances. Thye want to avoid too many and/or large losses. As we already mentioned, the users of these bonuses are way too many for casinos to handle. If there aren’t any restrictions players may abuse the rules and the casino will be forced to close down. New casinos tend to have more extravagant policies on promotions and particularly on no deposit offers. The reason is that they try to stand out and be noticed among the ocean of operators.

We would suggest that you read their withdrawal policy. Also, get informed about any previous negative incidents. Read reviews about the new casino and do your research. Prefer established and popular casinos which are known for being trustworthy. This will protect you from any problems you might have when you attempt to cash out the winnings from your no deposit bonuses.

Things to Consider Before Claiming a No Deposit Bonus

There are several things that you need to check and have in mind before heading into your account and claiming a free cash bonus. Here we will cover them. Some casinos have policies that make no deposit bonuses country specific. There are bonuses given only for certain countries. Such is the £88 promo of 888 casino suitable only for players in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Ireland, and the UK. If you aren’t sure if the players in your country are eligible for a bonus, you bettercontact the customer support and double check.

Those who have claimed free spins bonuses before know that there are limits on what amount you can cash out of the sum you won using it. If you get a no deposit bonus you have similar rules so make sure you check the maximal withdrawal limit. This is the largest sum you can cash out of the bonus after clearing the wagering requirements. If there is no max limit indicated in the terms of the bonus, this mean that it has no limits. You then, are free to cash out the sum you want. Often players from Ireland and the UK aren’t restricted on the amount they can withdraw.

More often than not, no deposit promos have wagering requirements. They are a way for online hubs to prevent abuse. Check in the terms and conditions which explicitly should state that. To make your winnings cashable you need to meet the wagering requirements. This you can do by playing the bonus a definite number of times. A 25x to 35x rollover is normal. No deposit promotions have as a rule a bit higher play-through terms. But, If a hub offers you £10 with 99x play-through, for example, you should be suspicious and double check.

Keep in mind that no deposit bonuses have expiration dates. Depending on the casino they may be valid from 7 to 30 days. If you don’t take advantage of them in the given time-frame the casino team will remove them from your account.

To clear the wagering requirements each game type contributes with a certain percentages. Most online gaming hubs have a list outlining these percentages for every type of game. As a rule, slots contribute with 100% and are the most suitable for the roll-over, whle table games – on the contrary. They have the smallest percentage. Some games may not help you at all to clear the requirements. If you are keen on table games you will have to play more time and/or use higher stakes to meet the play-through requirements.

If you think that you can claim and use a free cash bonus twice, think again. Don’t attempt to log on from another device and create another account using the same data. Otherwise you will be considered a policy offender by the house. Casinos make no compromises with such and have very strict rules concering that. No deposit and all bonuses offered by online gaming hubs are per household. The representatives will immediately close your account. Moreover, some casinos may prohibit the players who have made an abuse from opening accounts at all the casino branches they own or control.

Bottom Line

Free casino money is on offer in many gaming hubs online. It is the traditional way to greet and attract new customers. Signing for a real money play at a casino without obligations is a good thing to do. But you should be alert for scam casinos. If you find no deposit offers of more than £100 this sounds suspicious. Such “generous deals” indicate that you may be having business with rogue casinos. As a result, you may have to wait for months to get your winnings or even never see them again.

Have a look at the casinos on our website which are safe, proven names, and proud with their great reputation. Always choose well-known names. In case you decide to go with one which is relatively young and unpopular, make a thorough research. This is a precautious measure which will save you a lot of stress, problems, and money losses. Your motivator to play should be for recreation and fun not for the sake of getting rich. Games are created with the purpose to entertain. If you happen to score a massive win, this is only an extra which will make you love these games even more.