No Deposit Bonus: Еverything you need to know about it

Have you ever wondered what does No Deposit Bonus means? Of course, you have. If you are a person who’ve been playing at online casinos you’ve seen this promotion many times. But what does it means? We’ve been playing at online casinos for many years and we know that they will give us a welcome bonus but we have to make a deposit first. So how come there is a no deposit bonus? Is this a lie or you can actually get a free cash bonus without spending a dime? Read this page and we will explain everything.

No Deposit Bonus Casinos

Yes! It does exist. You can get a free cash bonus at some casinos which means that you won’t spend a single euro or pound and you can still win. However, there are some requirements in each casino but we will explain that later.

The free casino bonuses could be anything and for any amount, the casino chooses but most likely you will find 5 EUR and 10 EUR free bonus. Maybe it doesn’t seem to be much of a bonus but it’s free and you can play for real money with it.

All the online casinos listed here offer Bonus which does not require any deposit. The No Deposit Bonus or Free Cash Bonus is given when you create a new account in the online casino of your choice. Don’t hesitate to try the casino games without risking your own money. Choose the casino you like in our list and get the bonus it offers.

Here is a list of the no deposit bonus casinos:

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Can you withdraw the money right after you get the no deposit bonus?

No… You can’t just withdraw the money after you get your free bonus. You do get the money for free and you can play with them for real winnings but there are some requirements and limitations. Each casino has different wagering requirements. At some casinos, you will find out that you have to win 10 times the deposit before you can withdraw the money. At other casinos, it could go up to 50 times your deposit if not more.

With simple words: If you get 5 EUR free deposit bonus you will have to win up to 50 EUR before you can withdraw your money. After that, you can continue playing and win some serious cash… if you are lucky of course. There is something called maximum cash out. In some casinos, you won’t be able to cash out more than they let you. We’ve seen examples for free cash bonuses where you can withdraw a maximum of 50 times the bonus. As we said above, it’s different in every online casino so just read their terms and conditions before you play.

You might ask yourself “How come casinos give you free cash bonuses?”. Well, the answer is simple – you will still sign up and try the casino. At some point, you will decide whether you like the casino or not. If you like it you will make your first deposit and get greater bonuses. Some casinos give their first-time players bonuses up to 2000 EUR after their deposit. The no deposit bonus is more like a free ticket to the casino. With it, you can try before you decide if you like it or not.

What types of bonuses you can find out there?

No Deposit Free Cash Bonus

When you check more online casinos you will find out that not all of them give you money as a free casino bonus. Some online casinos decide to give no deposit free spins bonus instead of actual cash. It’s pretty similar to the free cash bonus. Of course, in this case, there are wagering requirements again. In some cases, you can only play the bonus on a specific game. In other cases, you can play on every game in the casino with a coupon code.

There are maximum cashouts in most of the casinos, which means that you will be able to withdraw not more than 3-5 times your bonus. For example – If you get 50 free spins bonus you will be able to cash out the equivalent of 3 times your bonus or a certain amount.

The different types of no deposit bonuses are:

  • Free money or Free cash bonus
    Usually, that’s a small amount of money which you can use to play a few games (if no specific game restriction applies) without spending your own money. In most cases, this bonus is given to new players only but some online casinos provide such bonuses to existing players from time to time.
  • No deposit free spins bonus
    This bonus does not include any free cash but rather it gives you free spins which could eventually lead to some cash added to your balance. However, in most cases, the free spins bonus applies to a specific game only.
  • Free play casino bonus
    In this case, you will get to play a specific game for a limited amount of time or you will get free spins for it. This type of bonus always applies to a specific game.

In every case, there are wagering requirements that are different for every online casino. Make sure that you read the terms and conditions before you claim your no deposit bonus. It’s still free money but you might end up with different expectations if you don’t get familiar with the requirements and limitations. And also… don’t gamble just because of the free cash bonus. You should always play for fun!

Let’s get deeper and explain more about the no deposit bonuses.

Maybe you already know what casino bonus means and how it works. But if you are new to online gambling, keep reading to better understand how things work.

There are thousands of online casinos at this moment and each of them wants you to become one of their customers. But since they are so many they have to come up with creative ways to win more customers over each other. To do so, many of them offer different bonuses. Almost every online casino offers a welcome bonus which is much different than the no deposit bonus. With the first one you have to deposit your own money and they will give you a different amount of cash which will be added to your balance.

There are some restrictions with the first-time bonus but not as many as the free cash bonuses. For example, with a welcome casino bonus, they can require that you have to win the amount provided 2 times before you can withdraw money. With the no deposit bonus that amount could go up to 50 times.

Of course, we don’t say that the free cash bonus is something bad. Actually, it’s something great because you can try the casino without spending your own money. This means that you will see how the casino works, what kind of online slots it has to offer and more. In online casinos which do not offer no-deposit bonuses, you have to put some of your money in terms to play there and see how it functions.

What are the cons and pros of the no deposit bonuses?

Like every other thing, the free cash bonus has some cons and that’s what we want to explain here. There is no better thing than free money and everyone would be happy to get them. However, in terms to protect from abuse, the online casinos have different types of requirements with every bonus. Imagine if online casinos give money for free without any restrictions… Here are some of the most common restrictions you need to know about:

  1. In most cases, there will be a maximum cashout requirement.

    A maximum cashout means that you can’t become a millionaire with 5 EUR free bonus or 10 EUR free bonus. Once you read the terms and conditions on the casino website you will see that you can withdraw not more than 10-20 times the bonus. But that’s still not bad because you can end up with 200 EUR in cash without spending a dime and the cash is yours to keep.

  2. In some cases, there are limitations in the stake.

    Sometimes the free bonus is not cash. As we said before, some online casinos offer no cash free spin bonuses. That means that you get to play a specific slot game without gambling with your own money but the bonus itself is free spins. In some cases, the casino will have limitations in the free spins bonus which makes big winnings impossible during the first free spins. The stake is sometimes 0.01 which is really low. However, you still have many free spins and if you are lucky you can still win something without spending your money.

  3. The bonus or the free spins sometimes apply only on a specific game.

    That’s one of the things we don’t really like but it happens and it happens often. Sometimes the online casino will give you a no deposit bonus or free spins bonus but it will be applicable only to a specific game. This means that you will have your bonus but you will have to play it on a game you might not even like. For example – if you like to play Megaways slots which are considered highly volatile and you end up with a bonus for a game with 3 reels and 3 rows you won’t be that happy. And still, this is a free cash bonus which is always a good thing.

The bottom line

The no deposit bonuses are maybe the best type of bonuses out there. Even if the online casinos have some restrictions and requirements, the free cash bonuses are most desirable by the players because they are risk-free. Of course, there are limitations in the cashout and some restrictions in terms of bid size but that’s normal. If you think about it, if they had no restrictions they might lose a lot of money. The free cash bonuses go into hundreds if not thousands of different accounts.

Go ahead and choose one of the certified casinos on our website and try its game without risking your money. We select only 100% secured and safe online casinos. Don’t forget that terms and conditions apply all the time and you have to read them carefully before creating your account.

We wish you good luck and big winnings!