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If you don’t know what Cryptex is you probably aren’t familiar with the most famous book by Dan Brown – The Da Vinci Code. It is a cylindrical device with symbols in rows that you can rotate to realign. If you twist the symbols of this invention into the right combination, the Cryptex opens and reveals its secrets. Nowadays, you can even buy such devices only.

Golden Cryptex Overview

Golden Cryptex

The principle of matching symbols to the right combos behind slots games is the same. This is cleverly used in the latest slot by R7 – a Red Tiger’s partner. The Golden Cryptex is unique, intriguing and includes cracking a code. The code during the Golden Spins changes and gets upgraded throughout your play. R7 plans the release of this impressive slot for March 2019.

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Game Type:

Video Slot

Golden Cryptex Details

  • Bonus Game:
  • No
  • Rating:
  • 9.28
  • Progressive:
  • No
  • Paylines:
  • 3
  • Wild Symbol:
  • No
  • Reels:
  • 5
  • Scatter Symbol:
  • No
  • Autoplay Option:
  • Yes
  • Multiplier:
  • No
  • Min Coins Size:
  • 0.10
  • Free Spins:
  • Yes
  • Max Coins Size:
  • 60.00
  • Jackpot:
  • £1.525 x Stake

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About Golden Cryptex Slot

Slots with the same Art Deco and Victorian atmosphere are also Cash O’ Matic and Grand Spinn by NetEnt. Seven 7 by Crazy Tooth is another example. In the Golden Cryptex players have 5 reels, 3 rows and only 3 pay-lines – one pay-line per row. With wagers from 0.10 to 60 credits, you can try your luck. This is a slot with medium to high volatility and an RTP of 95.78%.

The game is exciting as there is a Cryptex Code you have to crack displayed above the reels. You have to land the displayed code on the row where the Golden Pointer shows. There is a Second Chance feature that ensures you re-spins of the necessary reels. It triggers when you get at least 3 symbols of the code. Also, if any other reel has more of the code’s symbols the pointer moves to that reel.

You can win 10 Golden Spins and add 3 more on each cracking of the code. These you can also re-trigger and add another 10. The Pointer encompasses all 3 rows during the bonus game. There is an upgrading of the code’s symbols on each cracking. The Second Chance and the other features are also active during the bonus game. The top payout in the game is 1,525 times your stake or £91,500.

Golden Cryptex Design

The Cryptex is in the centre of the screen taking the most of it on a black background. It is highly ornamented, golden and looks superb. On it, you can see card royals and other lucky symbols. They are all styled in silver, golden and with red gemstones for the premiums. Over the main Cryptex body, you can see another row of symbols which is where the Cryptex Code lands. It is very ornamented.

Below it there is a space on which display messages how many and which symbols you need to trigger features. The Cryptex and symbols on it are simply styled with silver, golden and red gems. The music is magical, mystical and intense – in tune with the action happening every second on the screen. R7 has come up with a great design for the game.

Golden Cryptex Gameplay

To win in the slot you need to land 3 to 5 matching symbols from the leftmost to the right reel on a pay-line. The available symbols are the 5 gold and silver cards and 5 premium ones. The latter include horseshoes, bells, stars, 7s.

The 5 low-paying card symbols include a 10 that pays from 1 to 3 times your stake for 3 to 5 on a pay-line. The J rewards from 1.5 to 4 times your stake. The Q – from 2x to 6x stake, the K – from 3x to 7x stake and the A – from 5x to 10x stake for 3 to 5 symbols on a line.

The premiums include a horseshoe with payouts from 7 to 25 times your stake, the star – from 8x to 50x stake. Next in value is the bell that rewards with 9 to 75 times your stake for 3 to 5 symbols on a pay-line. The top rewarding symbol is the red gemstone-decorated golden 7. Landing 3, 4 and 5 of it on a pay-line grants 10, 30 and 150 times your stake.

Your aim is to crack the code and it is a very simple one. You need to land 5 matching symbols on the row where the pointer shows. The top, middle or lowermost rows are actually the 3 pay-lines to get wins from. There is a Cryptex Code, which is positioned over the reels on a line with 5 matching symbols. During the base game, the Cryptex Code shows 5 aces, in free spins the symbols change.

There is an arrow to the left of the Cryptex called the Golden Pointer. You can see it pointing to the middle row in the base mode. Your goal then is getting 5 Aces on the middle row where the pointer is. This results in a payout and 10 Golden Spins.

Golden Cryptex Features & Bonuses

A feature that is part of the game is the Second Chance. If you land only 3 or 4 aces on the Golden Pointer row you trigger it. The rows that don’t hold Aces re-spin. Things can get even more interesting. If the top or bottom row has more Aces landed than these on the middle one, the pointer may move to that row. Then, it triggers the Second Chance re-spins.

If you trigger the 10 Golden Spins Bonus Game, the Cryptex Code will upgrade the Aces. It will now display the lowest in value premium symbol – the horseshoes. Another beneficial twist is that the scope of the Golden Pointer increases to encompass all 3 rows. Instead of landing the required symbol on one row only, it is enough for it to hit any of the 3 rows to give you cash rewards.

It is enough each of the reels to land one horseshoe to give you a 5 of a kind monetary reward – the Cryptex Cash. So, the required symbol doesn’t have to be on a pay-line as long as you have one of it on each reel. Every reel without the code’s symbol gets re-spun as long as you have 3 or more reels with that symbol. The Second Chance feature is active during the Golden Spins Bonus too.

Apart from the code’s symbol wins, you will get payouts from line wins from the rest of the symbols. Landing 3 to 5 of a kind symbols on any of the 3 rows from left to right will pay you.

If you crack the code during the bonus game you will win3 extra free spins. Then, the Cryptex Code upgrades to the next in value premium symbol and the same rules apply. You may reach all the way to the top-paying symbol – the 7. Then, the Cryptex Code will continue to display it for the remainder of the Golden Spins. So, you will only have your play upgraded and get chances for higher wins as you play.

By re-triggering the feature you add 10 free spins and 3 more free spins on each cracking of the code. Thus, from re-trigger and cracking the code you can add 13 more rounds many times. When you reach the final aim, the game starts from the beginning with 5 Aces as the code.

The Conclusion

As we mentioned above, fans of the slots Cash O’ Matic, Grand Spinn and Seven 7 will be impressed by the Golden Cryptex. It is unique, has a bit intricate but very interesting gameplay and features. It ensures abundant rewards from the paying symbols and features and a great time. We recommend this slot which will be available in March.

Golden Cryptex Theme

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