The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Review

The Incredible Balloon Machine is another unusual game by Crazy Tooth Studio. The concept is minimalistic where there are no reels, rows or pay-lines to speak of. Here you will inflate balloons and win cash prizes. Listen to your intuition and decide when to stop and take the prize or you risk losing it!

The Incredible Balloon Machine Overview

The Incredible Balloon Machine

Crazy Tooth Studio, powered by Microgaming, plans to release the game on the 28th of January 2020. It is unique and much different from the majority of other slots. Its WiNCREASE mechanism uses another way to reward wins. This happens through pressing and holding the spin button and deciding when to collect your wins. Here you have win multipliers up to x10 and a Pick Bonus game with levels.

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Game Type:

Video Slot

The Incredible Balloon Machine Details

  • Bonus Game:
  • Yes
  • Rating:
  • 9.03
  • Progressive:
  • No
  • Paylines:
  • no paylines
  • Wild Symbol:
  • No
  • Reels:
  • no reels
  • Scatter Symbol:
  • No
  • Autoplay Option:
  • Yes
  • Multiplier:
  • Yes
  • Min Coins Size:
  • 0.20
  • Free Spins:
  • No
  • Max Coins Size:
  • 40
  • Jackpot:
  • 123.280

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About The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot

The Incredible Balloon Machine is untraditional and offers no reels, rows or pay-lines. You can choose a wager from 0.20 to 40 credits to play it. It uses the WiNCREASE system. You will use the spin button holding it and collecting the credit amount written on the balloon. There is a meter with 3 sections: red, yellow and green. When the needle reaches the yellow section you activate the wager. Then you reach the green section and have your win increased.

The most significant moment in the game is deciding when to collect. It shouldn’t be too early nor too late. You can win with 5% – 7.303% more from longer pressing the spin button once you activate the wager. The game has a multiplier feature with a boost of from x2 to x10. There is a Pick Bonus game as well which rewards with cash and x2 multipliers. You will choose balloons and advance to the next level until you hit a balloon with a Complete sign. This ends the bonus.

The slot has a hit frequency from 9% to 41% depending on when the player cashes out. The RTP is 96.75% which is very beneficial to players. The Incredible Balloon Machine has medium volatility. The jackpot is 3,082 times your bet win which is £123,280 at the most.

The Incredible Balloon Machine Design

The game has no reels, no rows or pay-line just a spin button with sections around it and a needle moving through them. You will be inflating balloons. By pressing and holding the spin button you inflate the balloon more and more. Then it shows a cash reward that you have to collect. You will be traveling in the air and see a clear blue sky with small white clouds drifting slowly.

The balloon pops in front of you with the whole machine in the centre of the screen. There are bronze latticework frames around it. The playing window looks a bit sparse. You will be hearing the sounds of the wins and an electronic melody playing. The Pick Bonus you will play in a darker mode and sky. The gameplay and design of the slot are like no other you have seen.

The Incredible Balloon Machine Gameplay

The slot uses the WiNCREASE system, which works this way. The player holds the Spin button rather than simply pressing it to start the round. When that happens the needle below the balloon over the spin button starts to move around a meter. The latter has 3 colours of sections: red, yellow and green.

When the needle reaches the yellow section this means that the wager is placed. Then, on the balloon, a credit amount appears starting to increase. The longer you hold the button the higher your prize will become from 5% to 7,303% more. But keep in mind that balloons pop randomly. So, you have to make sure you collect your cash prize before the balloon appears to bank the prize.

Collect the prize by hitting the collect button on the top right. If the balloon pops before you succeed to cash out you will miss out on the money reward. If you collect the prize earlier on each spin to have a guaranteed prize this isn’t a good tactic. Balloons can appear before you reach the yellow zone and activate the wager. So this strategy is not good as there will be plenty of dead spins you can get.

One of the extras added to the game includes the Multiplier feature. It can trigger randomly when a credit amount pops on the balloon and the wager is active. You will see a bunch of light bulbs landing on the screen with displayed values on them of x2, x3x, x4, x5, x7 and x10. Each of them lights up after you have collected the cash reward from the balloon. Then, one of them is chosen randomly. Its multiplier value is applied to your won sum.

The Incredible Balloon Machine Features & Bonuses

During the game, you may see a golden/black balloon appearing on the screen. It will either pop or blow up to its full size triggering the Pick Bonus game. You will have 5 balloons in a different colour each on the screen you have to choose from. One by one they will be picked and reveal a cash prize each that will be added together. Your winning sum will increase until you reach the last balloon and it reveals the last prize.

It can be a cash reward holding an Advance sign, which means you reach the next stage of the Bonus game. Then the process with balloon picking and adding of cash prizes repeats. The balloons may reveal an x2 multiplier as a prize too. If you see a Complete icon on a balloon you have picked, the Bonus game ends.

The Conclusion

The Incredible Balloon Machine is a different and unique game. The WiNCREASE system that it uses is something new. The multipliers and Pick Bonus ensure more chances for wins and more thrill. The slot has medium volatility, an RTP well over the average and top reward of 3,082 times your stake. Wait for its release at the end of January and try it for free and for real using our recommended online casinos.

The Incredible Balloon Machine Theme

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