Avatars: Gateway Guardians Slot Review

Here is a unique and innovative game that uses a wheel with 8 symbols with 3 sections each that act as puzzles. You aim to match the 3 parts of each one to get wins. The design is cosmic, futuristic and lets you enter in a different universe from the future. Read more to learn why you shouldn’t miss out on Avatar: Gateway Guardians.

Avatars: Gateway Guardians Overview

Avatars: Gateway Guardians

Yggdrasil has expanded LeoVegas Original Series with its latest addition – Avatar: Gateway Guardians. This game is part of the exclusive collection of the brand for Leo Vegas Casino where you can find the game only. It is available since the beginning of November. Avatar: Gateway Guardians has a unique and fantastic look and feel to it. But the game is much more than a better version of Stargate.

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Game Type:

Video Slot

Avatars: Gateway Guardians Details

  • Bonus Game:
  • No
  • Rating:
  • 9.51
  • Progressive:
  • No
  • Paylines:
  • 6
  • Wild Symbol:
  • No
  • Reels:
  • Circular 3x6 and 3x8 grid
  • Scatter Symbol:
  • Yes
  • Autoplay Option:
  • Yes
  • Multiplier:
  • Yes
  • Min Coins Size:
  • 0.10
  • Free Spins:
  • Yes
  • Max Coins Size:
  • 200
  • Jackpot:
  • 505.000

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About Avatars: Gateway Guardians Slot

This is a circular video slot type with an innovative design and features. You have 3 rings spinning in a circular motion. The symbols are split into 3 parts and spin independently one from another on each of the 3 rings. The base game has 6 sections, while the free spins you play with 8 sections, divided into 3 parts. This way they create a 3×6 and 3×8 slot layout. In the game, there are 7 regular symbols and one Free Spin icon. When all 3 parts of the same symbol line up in a section it pays out its relevant value.

The game includes a Free Spin symbol. Its parts don’t need to align in one section to give you the bonus feature. The base game’s 6 sections act as 6 pay-lines where you need to align the 3 matching sections of one element to win. During free spins, you have 8 sections and 8 pay-lines. You can place wagers from 0.10 to 200 credits per spin. This is a high volatility slot with an RTP of 96.3%.

There is a highlighted in white Hot Spot section that triggers a multiplier. The latter increases with from 1 to 10 steps at random and can reach the amazing 101x boost of your payouts. You can win 10 free spins and play them with from 2 to 8 active Hotspots, which guarantee impressive wins. The max win that you can score per spin or free spin is 2,525 times your stake or £505,000 at the most. In theory, yet, with the max multiplier of 101x when winning from the top-paying symbol, you could score 4,040 times your stake.

Avatars: Gateway Guardians Design

Avatar: Gateway Guardians is a unique game. Its design and layout, as well as its mechanics, are the game’s most impressive aspects. There are 7 regular symbols, of which 4 are 4 different tribal face masks, each in a different colour. These are very detailed, futuristic and pay most abundantly being the Guardians. The face symbols resemble the masks you have seen in ancient Greek theatre. On the background, you will see ancient, tribal and futuristic stone statues and structures with carvings.

The soundtrack is a thematic melody with flutes and highlights at certain moments. It is perfectly suited for the slot merging into the action. You will hear the sounds of wins from the wheel segments. During free spins, you will notice a changed background with spectacular purple wings around the wheel. As usual, Yggdrasil has created a stunning and in this case innovative game. It impresses with unique features, design and mechanics.

Avatars: Gateway Guardians Gameplay

The symbols on the wheel include 4 high-value Guardians and 3 glowing dots at the lower side of the pay-table. The blue, green and purple dots pay 1 to 2 times your stake. The blue Guardian gives you 5 times your stake, the green on – 10 times your stake. The purple Guardian has a payout of 20 times your stake. If you land all 3 parts of the red with golden Guardian you will get the highest payout of all regular ones. This is 40 times your stake.

On any regular spin, you can activate the Hot Spot section. When you score a win with it by landing all 3 parts of a symbol in the Hot Spot, you will trigger a multiplier. The Hot Spot section is marked with a white glow, which you will notice in the base game at the top of the wheel. When you score a win in the Hot Spot, the symbol will appear in the white glowing section. It will receive a multiplier and the multiplier counter below starts at x1.

The horizontal small screen below the big wheel starts spinning. It can get a value of 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x or 20x increments at random. These are summed together to increase your wins. The multiplier will continue to increase up to 5 times. In the end, you will see the hand symbol that indicates your payout. All values are summed together when the hand appears and you are paid a total win. You can cash in a top boosting amount of 101x multiplier. If you see the Free Spin symbol appearing in the Hot Spot section, the multiplier will not be active.Avatars:

Gateway Guardians Features & Bonuses

Landing 3 parts of the Free Spin symbol anywhere on the wheel will give you 10 Free Spins. You will play with 8 slot sections instead of 6. The number of parts of the Free Spin symbol landed on the Hot Spot during the triggering spin determines the number of extra Hot Spots. The ratio is as follows:

  • 0 Free Spin symbol parts landing on the Hot Spot would trigger 10 Free Spins with 2 Hot Spots
  • 1 Free Spin symbol part landing on the Hot Spot would trigger 10 Free Spins with 4 Hot Spots
  • 2 Free Spin symbol parts landing on the Hot Spot would trigger 10 Free Spins with 6 Hot Spots
  • 3 Free Spin symbol parts landing on the Hot Spot would trigger 10 Free Spins with 8 Hot Spot

You cannot re-activate the free spins. The many active Hot Spots and the summed together multipliers will bring you abundant wins.

The Conclusion

This Yggdrasil video slot offers unconventional gameplay and features. Once you start playing it, you will grasp their rules right away. The tribal and at the same time futurist graphics are like coming from the future. The slot has high volatility and a nice top cash reward of 2,525 times your stake. The mechanics and design are advanced, unparalleled and grant memorable rounds. The circular reels, matching of symbols in puzzle game-style and the unique features are really fun. You will want to play more and more, which thankfully can do in free mode and for real. The game is available in LeoVegas Casino out now!

Avatars: Gateway Guardians Theme

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