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Nuke Word is an epic story with comic book animations, a lot of suspense, action and random features. A variety of random boosters, bonus events and extras will keep you glued to the screen and entertained. If you love video games with battles, join Captain Fox in his fight against the 4 bosses!

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Nuke World Overview

Nuke World

Evoplay Entertainment released this game at the end of October 2019. The brand mesmerises with impressive features, originality, picturesque design and untraditional gameplay. The slot is made like a battle with enemies and they are 4 different animals. Killing each one unlocks its respective booster.

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Game Type:

Video Slot

Nuke World Details

  • Bonus Game:
  • Yes
  • Rating:
  • 8.86
  • Progressive:
  • No
  • Paylines:
  • Cluster pays
  • Wild Symbol:
  • Yes
  • Reels:
  • 7
  • Scatter Symbol:
  • No
  • Autoplay Option:
  • Yes
  • Multiplier:
  • Yes
  • Min Coins Size:
  • 0.10
  • Free Spins:
  • No
  • Max Coins Size:
  • 500.00
  • Jackpot:
  • £860 x Stake

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About Nuke World Slot

Nuke World is a unique video slot with 7 reels, 7 rows and up to 49 symbols per spin. There are no pay-lines in the game but rather adjacently matching landed 5 or more symbols will pay you. Symbols that created wins disappear from the grid. They trigger a drop-down with new symbols vacating the free positions from above. The process goes on as long as you score wins. The game has low to medium level of volatility, 96% return to player and 29% hit frequency. It uses HTML5 technology. You can play it on desktops, tablets, mobile phones of Apple and Android devices.

Use wagers from 0.10 to 500 credits. There is a Big Win that gives 15 times your bet, the Super Win – 40x bet, the Mega Win gives you 70x bet. You can be very lucky and relish in an Epic Win of 100x bet. The max win in the base game and from the 4 random features is 150 times your stake. During any of the 4 bonus games, you can win up to 860 times your bet per spin. These numbers are estimated at over 500 million spins by the provider.

Nuke World includes 4 types of random events and 4 bonus features. The 4 random events trigger on losing spins and are Vortex, Eviscerate, Flare and Ricochet. The 4 bonus games activate once Captain Fox kills one of the bosses he is fighting against. These are Pangolin, Chameleon, Rooster and Rhino. Each one triggers its respective feature. You need a 15 symbols’ win to kill the boss while fighting against him. There are other 2 more features – the Big Bomb and Huge Bomb symbols. They merge bombs of a kind and contain x2 and x5 multipliers.

Nuke World Design

The slot resembles very much a video game with enemies to kill and weapons and live meters. You see Captain Fox on the left holding a weapon and his enemy on the opposite side. The grid separates them. The graphics are futuristic, sci-fi with comic book-inspired characters. The symbols on the grid are rather simple – all kinds of shapes in 4 colours, their corresponding by colour bombs and a wild. The grid is without frames and is transparent. On the background, you will see a green meadow with a path and trees.

You see Captain Fox’ meter above him. His enemies will change every time he kills one. The animations are detailed, precise and look superb. The music is dramatic and suitable for the theme. It mixes with the sounds of the weapons and reels. The feeling is futuristic and like you are playing a real video game. The design and soundtrack are stylish and hi-tech. Nuke World is impressive in every aspect, graphics included.

Nuke World Gameplay

The symbols in the slot are 8 regular ones and a wild. All of the regular ones need 5 to 15 or more of a kind to bring you payouts. The matching symbols must be on adjacent positions horizontally or vertically. The winners explode and free their positions, which are taken by new symbols that drop from above. This is the Drop mechanic used by the slot.

The lower-paying symbols are 4 items in various shapes and colour. The blue one has a payout of from 0.20 to 5 times your bet for 5 to 15 or more symbols. Next in value is the green item – 5 to 15 or more of it pay 0.30 to 6 times your stake. The red triangle rewards from 0.40 to 8 times your stake for 5 to 15 and more symbols. The yellow one gives 0.50 to 12 times your stake for 5 to 15+ symbols.

The premiums are 4 bombs with the same colour that corresponds to the colours of the low- paying symbols. The blue bomb gives you 0.70 to 20 times your stake for 5 to 15+ symbols. The green bomb returns 1x to 25x bet for 5 to 15 or more of it. The red bomb is second in value and 5 to 15 or more symbols grant 1.20 to 35 times your stake. The most rewarding symbol is the yellow bomb – 5 to 15 and more of it return 2 to 50 times your stake. The wild is a ball with a skull face and the ‘W’ letter on top. It substitutes for all other symbols.

There are 4 random events in the game: Vortex, Eviscerate, Flare and Ricochet. They can activate by chance on any losing spin and increase your odds of scoring wins. These are:

  • The Vortex – Captain Fox throws a bomb in the centre of the reels. It attracts to itself the symbols of the same type of premium bombs horizontally, vertically and diagonally. This has the potential to bring you more wins.
  • The Eviscerate feature triggers also b chance. Captain Fox cuts 3 lines of symbols diagonally with his cutter and destroys 2 of them. This fills the middle lines with wildsymbols only and ensures you more and better chances for wins.
  • The Flare event happens when Captain Fox shoots with his laser. This destroys low – paying symbols and turns all premiums into wild symbols. As you can imagine, the expected changes by this are very beneficial and bring more and massive wins.
  • The Ricochet triggers when Captain Fox shoots from his pistol. The bullet bounces back against 6 bomb symbols, which replaces them with wilds. More wilds ensure higher chances for paying combinations.

These random events can give you wins up to 150 times your bet per spin. This is the max payout in the base game as well.

Nuke World Features & Bonuses

Part of the game are 2 extra features: the Big Bomb Symbol and the Huge Bomb Symbol. Match 4 bomb symbol of one colour adjacent to each other in a square shape to trigger the Big Bomb Symbol feature. This automatically transforms the 4 bombs into a Big Bomb symbol. It
holds an x2 multiplier when it takes part in a win.

If you succeed to match 9 symbols of one colour in a square with 3 rows and 3 columns, you trigger the Huge Bomb Symbol feature. This automatically transforms the 9 bombs into a Huge Bomb symbol. This one is bigger, so it holds x5 multiplier. It is applied when this huge symbol takes part in a winning combination.

At the uppermost left corner of the screen, you see a meter displaying the Ultimate Power of Captain Fox. He will be fighting against one of 4 different enemy animals until he kills them. The enemy is on your right on the screen. The captain holding his weapon stands on the opposite side – on the left of the screen. Captain Fox’ ultimate power unleashes after 15 symbols take part in a winning combination.

This can happen from one, more consecutive dropdowns or organically. After defeating each enemy, the power of the captain is triggered. Then, the respective bonus event gets activated. The bosses and their respective bonus events are:

  • Pangolin – after he gets killed by the captain, he triggers the event. All bomb symbols of the same type, which is chosen at random, move to the centre of the reels.
  • Chameleon – after this boss gets killed, 2 or 3 random low-paying symbols are selected. They are turned into their respective by colour bomb symbol. This ensures your chances for bigger wins.
  • Rooster – after Captain Fox kills this enemy boss, 3 to 4 bomb symbols are chosen by chance. They transform into wilds and destroy symbols located horizontally and vertically. The explosion can turn up to 4 bomb symbols into wilds.
  • Rhino – after this boss is killed, a giant 4×4 bomb falls on the reels and plays the role of a giant wild symbol. It collapses with each new cascade of symbols. On the first collapse, it splits into two 2×2 large wild symbols and on the next one, it separates into 6 wilds.

The max win during each of the bonus events is 860 times your stake.

The Conclusion

Nuke World is unique, original and has a lot to offer. Its bet limits and volatility makes it suitablefor more players. The game is more likely to attract fans of the battle video slots. Its features are centred around one-to-one battles between Captain Fox and 4 animal enemies. We recommend you to Animal Quest by Evoplay Entertainment. King of Kaiju: Rampage Riches by Lost World Games also has very distinct comic book graphics.

Nuke World Theme

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